In order to produce a pdf your Word Document needs to be sized correctly.

  • We’ve made things easy by providing you with a pre-set MS Word template based on your chosen book size.
  • All you need to do is copy and paste your content into our template, format it as you want it to look, and then upload it to PublishVelocity.
  • You can access the relevant template by downloading it from your book’s Title Dashboard on our site, immediately after completing your book setup.
  • Alternatively, the more intrepid / tech-savvy user can resize a Word Document manually using the instructions and reference table below:

Instructions to resize your manuscript:

  1. Open your Word Document.
  2. Click on ‘PAGE LAYOUT’ in the top menu bar.
  3. Click ‘Size’ in the drop down menu.
  4. Click on ‘More Paper Sizes’ at the bottom of the drop down list.
  5. Enter the bleed size (from the right hand column below) in centimetres that matches your Manuscript’s Trim Size, which is the size you have chosen for your book.
  6. Double check that you have entered the lower measurement next to width and the higher measurement next to height.
  7. Check that the default is set to Apply to ‘Whole Document’.
  8. Click ‘OK’ which appears at the bottom of the window.

Check your sizes below:

Manuscript Trim Size /mm Manuscript Bleed Size /cm
203×133 20.9×13.6
178×127 18.4×13.0
297×210 30.3×21.3
234×156 24.0×15.9
216×140 22.2×14.3
244×170 25.0×17.3
178×111 18.4×11.4
229×152 23.5×15.5
229×152 23.5×15.5
235×191 24.1×19.4
216×140 22.2×14.3
210×148 21.6×15.1
297×210 30.3×21.3
234×156 24.0×15.9
254X178 26.0×18.1
254X203 26.0×20.6
198X129 20.4×13.2
190×120 19.6×12.3
280×216 28.6×21.9
234×156 24.0×15.9
254×203 26.0×20.6