PublishVelocity originated in 2016. Our self-publishing platform was born as a result of the founders’ foray into traditional publishing, and subsequent efforts to self-publish, which proved to be imperfect for several reasons. Astonished at the low returns authors could expect, the founders ushered in an enhanced era for the self-publishing industry which simplifies the publishing process and enables authors to enjoy the greatest return for their hard work.


PublishVelocity is intent on levelling the playing field to provide credible, profitable publishing services that operate with optimum efficiency and the promise of a simplified online process. PublishVelocity enables authors to turn manuscripts into marketable hard copies in a few simple steps and distributes these as part of an automated process.


The author maintains control of where the published work is made available, whether this is for global distribution or a single personal copy of a family history, for example. PublishVelocity makes your book available for sale in the manner you specify. For those authors who elect to publish via the retail option in the UK; a copy of your book will automatically be sent to the British Library for posterity. Legal deposit has been part of English law since 1662.


Follow these Six Simple Steps:

  1. Compose, edit and format your book.
  2. Select your book specifications (size, paper, colour/b&w, binding).
  3. Record your book title and author details.
  4. Upload your book cover/artwork.
  5. Upload your formatted manuscript.
  6. Approve and publish.


Author tributes to follow…