Our story

PublishVelocity is passionate about providing writers with a perfect platform to share their work with the world.

Following unsatisfactory experiences with traditional publishing and self-publishing houses themselves, the founders explored creative ways to reward writers for their work commensurate with their efforts.
PublishVelocity is the result of this.

We enable writers to become published authors via a quick, economical, user-friendly and cost-effective process. At the heart of it, we are founded on the principles that

• you should reap the financial rewards for your work, and that
• you should retain all the rights to your intellectual property.

PublishVelocity is proud to provide a prompt, professional service to this end.

Our Process

Publish in Six Simple Steps
  • 1. Compose, edit and format your book

    Prepare your written material for publication, ensuring that you have proofread and corrected your manuscript. Use one of our downloadable templates to assist you.

  • 2. Record your book title and author details

    Input your book details, including the title and/or subtitle of your book, the number of pages and genre details for the classification of your book.

  • 3. Select your book specifications

    Choose your book size, type of binding, type of paper, interior ink (colour / black & white) for internal text and images.

  • 4. Upload your book cover/artwork

    PublishVelocity will generate your ISBN and barcode for you to download and add to your cover artwork so that you can upload your fully generated .tiff file.

  • 5. Upload your formatted manuscript

    PublishVelocity will provide you with an appropriate template to assist you with the formatting process to prepare your word document for upload.

  • 6. Approve and publish

    Once PublishVelocity has checked the viability of your cover and manuscript, you will be asked to approve your book for publishing and receive your hard copy proof in the post.

Dare to dream

Your readers are waiting…