How much will I earn in royalties?

All of it… and you decide how much that is.

There are two costs to bear in mind:

  • Printing costs (dependent on binding, paper and book length)
  • Amazon commission (25% of the retail price you set)

E.g. for a 300 page 6×9″ softcover book

Retail price (set by you) £8.50
Unit cost for printing £4.07
Amazon commission (25%) £2.13
Profit per unit £2.30
Profit based on 1000 sales £2,300.00

How are my royalties paid out to me?

PublishVelocity pays royalties twice each year. You can view your earnings report on our website. If your earnings at the time of payment are below the required minimum of £100.00, we will not make payment and those funds will rollover to the next period. On the other hand, if funds earned meet or exceed that threshold, all those funds will be paid into your account via Electronic Fund Transfer or Paypal, depending on which payment method you specify in your account settings.

What percentage of my royalties does PublishVelocity take?

Nothing. Zero. Zilch. We charge a £200.00 annual fee for our service. After that, any and all profits earned from your book sales are yours. No exceptions, no hidden fees. If you buy your own copies via our website (i.e. not through Amazon), you get the books at cost. This amounts to £4.07 in the example FAQ How much will I earn in royalties? above.

What Intellectual Property rights will I sign across to PublishVelocity?

None! You retain all the rights to both your manuscript and the work itself (i.e. book format, cover art images etc.). You can publish the book elsewhere, sell the film rights, audiobook rights, foreign language rights etc. at your discretion. You don’t even need to inform us of those decisions or agreements.

How long am I tied into my contract with PublishVelocity?

You are free to cancel your contract with immediate effect at any time and for any reason. Just log on to our site, select the title you wish to remove and withdraw it. PublishVelocity will terminate the contract immediately. However, we do ask for a 30 day grace period to complete fulfilment of any pre-existing orders that were received prior to cancellation. It goes without saying that any revenue received from those few last sales will still be paid to you, the author.

Where will my book be available to purchase? Which countries? Which stores?

As to countries, please see Will my book be available globally? below. As to stores, you get to choose. Our standard distribution includes, which immediately makes the book available from all affiliated online retailers too. It will also be available to you through PublishVelocity, at cost.

Will my book be available globally?

You get to decide this. During the sign-up process we will ask you in which regions you want to sell your book. You get to select the regions and the price (in each region’s currency) you want to set for the book. At present, the publishing industry divides the globe into five major regions and PublishVelocity supports all of these regions except China. So, if you happen to have a Mandarin translation, you’ll have to wait a few months yet.

Will my book be available on Kindle?

At present, PublishVelocity does not have an e-book offering. This will change in the near future. Watch this space.

Will I be able to buy copies of my book at a discounted price?

You can buy copies of your book at cost, directly from PublishVelocity.

What options do I have for the size of my book?

Loads! PublishVelocity offers all the standard sizes and specifications you would recognise on the book shelves. For a comprehensive list, click here.

What options do I have for the type of cover for my book?

Loads! PublishVelocity offers all the standard covers and specifications you would recognise on the book shelves. For a comprehensive list, click here.

Can I upload my own cover?

Yes. Assuming you have designed the cover correctly, all you have to do is click an Upload File button. PublishVelocity has a super-smart system at the other end that will examine your uploaded cover in the minutest detail, point out any errors you have made, and explain exactly how to correct them. Kind of like my wife.

Can PublishVelocity design my cover?

Yes we can. Simply choose this as an additional service during the sign-up process. We source the best cover designers in the market at the most competitive prices.

Will PublishVelocity market my book for me?

No is the truthful answer. Many of our competitors assert that they will ‘market’ your book by:

  • Putting it on
  • Placing it in their own Book Store
  • Listing it in the Distribution Lists

PublishVelocity does all of the above. However, slapping your book up on a few web sites does not a marketing campaign make! You will need to market your book if you want it to sell. For the record, this would be true, even if you signed a book deal with a traditional publishing house.

That said, PublishVelocity has plans to offer state-of-the-art marketing tools that its authors can use to market their books. These are in the pipeline but not available at present.

How will my manuscript be proofed?

You have two choices:

1. Pay a professional editor.
2. Ask the person who loves you the most in this world.

This is not a service that PublishVelocity provides at this time.

What if there are typos in my manuscript?

PublishVelocity does its level best to protect you against this. We will generate the PDF proofs for your manuscript and allow you to download, print and read them at your leisure. If you spot a typo, feel free to correct it and upload your manuscript again. You get as many do-overs as you want at no extra cost.

But beware! Once you click that Publish button, there is no turning back. From that moment on, your book is in the market and any changes will come at additional cost.

Please note, the same applies to requesting a hard-copy proof. This proof is to show you a sample of the physical book and prove that the printer is producing the physical quality you would expect. It is not an opportunity to make changes to layout, spelling or grammar.

The only way to avoid this minefield is to ensure, to the best of your ability, that typos have been corrected BEFORE you publish.